Soundy Background Music Free WordPress Plugin

Soundy is a free plugin developed by for the WordPress Platform. The plugin allows to associate a sound track with a page or a post. The sound track is then played when the page is displayed.

The plugin allows the webmaster to specify a sound track per default for all pages and posts. A sound track can also be individually set by authors for each post or page.

Furthermore, the images of a Play/Pause button can be uploaded by the webmaster. This button can be positioned in one of the four corners of the document or of the window. It can also be positioned anywhere in the header by means of a template tag or in the content by means of a shortcode.

Soundy Background Music PRO WordPress Plugin

Soundy PRO offers the HTML5 Play/Pause Button Designer application in addition to the functionalities of the free version.

This tool is perfectly integrated in Soundy’s settings page and allows the WordPress site administrator to precisely and rapidly design an Audio Play/Pause button perfectly adapted to his website style in terms of colors, outline, rounding, size and transparency.