After numerous tests with different tools, we have selected the ones, which satisfy our quality standards. These tools allow us to offer websites which are robust, reliable, secure, user friendly and pleasantly designed.

The following list is not exhaustive :

Tool Description
 wordpress-logo-hoz-rgb WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) developed as OpenSource hence free. More than 20% of the websites (60 millions sites) are developed today with WordPress. More than 25’000 plugins (applications) are available to be integrated in a WordPress website. More than 2’000 themes (they define design and fonctionality of a site) are also available.
logo_google_analytics_300_53 Google Analytics is an online service graciously made available by Google which allow to obtain statistics about a website’s traffic ans traffic sources.
 youtube-brand-standard-logo-95x40 YouTube allows to publish videos online and to easily integrate such videos in any website.
 Soundcloud_logo_80x50_orange SoundCloud allows to publish audio clips online and to easily integrate such audio clips in any website.
gimp-logo2 GIMP is a bitmap oriented image retouching and editing tool. It is free and open-source software. It is a bitmap graphical editing software.
Inscape-logo Inkscape is a professional vector oriented graphics editor. It is free and open-source software.
Audacity-logo-r-full-whitebg Audacity is a free professional audio processing software developed as OpenSource.